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About Us

Vento Landscaping & Construction, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based Commercial and Residential Landscape Construction firm. We were established in 1965 and since have worked throughout the entire Western Pa region as well as it’s bordering Tri-State areas creating ideal landscape and hardscape redesigns. Our work is distinctive, classic and ideal for each client we work with and we work to provide high-quality personalized service for both Commercial and Residential. Our Commercial and Residential construction, renovations, and outdoor living spaces are created to make your area distinctive, classic and ideal. Our Grass Roots are firmly entrenched in: Concrete Work, Natural Stone Walls. Chances are, you have already seen some of our Commercial offerings as we are all over the great City of Pittsburgh, its suburbs and more, including Universities, Citi Parks, Ball fields, Sports Courts, Boroughs and at many Memorial Construction and Dedication Monuments. The Residential side of Vento Landscaping and Construction offers endless possibilities that help you make the outdoors areas grand with very creative and distinctive Livable Backyard Spaces, fresh walkways, creative concrete driveways as well as Landscape and Hardscape Redesign.

Commercial Landscape Construction With Vento Landscaping & Construction, Inc.
Our work can be found throughout the Pittsburgh area in places like: CMU, RMU, Washington’s Landing, North Allegheny, Penn State Campuses(New Ken, Beaver, Chatham University and boroughs such as Brentwood, Mount Lebanon, West View, etc. What do we offer in Commercial? Each client has different needs, so all of our work is customized to fit as there is never a one-size fits all in our industry. Some examples of the Commercial Side of Vento Landscaping & Construction include: Concrete replacement for schools such as curbing, parking lots, and stairs, Labyrinths, landscape and hardscape redesigns, ball fields, sports courts, Citi Parks, Playgrounds, and much more.

Residential Landscape Construction With Vento Landscaping & Construction, Inc.
Our residential focus offers everything from renovation of driveways to new driveways created from Concrete as well as patios, sidewalks, walkways, and steps. Additionally, we have brought vim and vigor to out door living spaces by creating functional, well-planned concrete slab patios, and beautiful stone walls. that have exuded all modern appeal as well as curbside flattery! We specialize in natural stone construction for those outdoor living spaces where we have created some of the most adaptable, creative, and distinctive walls in the Pittsburgh Area. Some of the most incredible walls we have created have come from materials such as limestone, Maryland Stone and SandStone.

If you are ready to begin your next project, Commercial or Residential in the Pittsburgh or surrounding Tri-State Area, we’d love to learn about the scope of your project and how we might collaborate to create that most distinctive, classic and ideal look. Contact us today to transform your outdoor areas from basic to distinctive, classic and ideal.